Who is the Best Photographer in Los Cabos?


We have been working with most of all photographers in Los Cabos at least once, and we have our favorites, this does not exactly mean that we are the judges to say who is the best photographer in Los Cabos San Lucas but yes we can tell you our experience and give you a brief of how is work with them.

Another thing we took into consideration for this list, are all those comments from our couples, after all the client always has the final experience and this is what we want to share with you.

A wide range of factors was taking such the Style-Trends, customer service for solving doubts and requirements,
the time to delivery the final material, the formality of their contracts, their expertise when they need to coordinate-direct the couple and all the family and friends on the wedding day sessions shots, how long they take to deliver final material and if they give a sneak peek before it, Second cameras, etc.

We add their principal ways to contact to each one, but if you prefer to talk about more in deep, you can contact us and we can deliver which will be the best option for you.

1 – By Julieta

She is Julieta Amezcua, a lovely mother, and wife. Always available for their friends and with a big big heart. Do you know? She used to be a Wedding Coordinator for a hotel brand, I think this is the reason why she surprises me with the best shots she knows exactly when is the perfect moment to make it unforgettable. I love the phrase she one time told me, “Make the bride look gorgeous and everything will be fine”.


2 – Sara Richardson Photo

Sara is the trend is a Classic Style, combining her exceptional eye and her mother’s spirit you will get always photos who reflect the love in there. Sara is one of my favorite persons in Cabo, and American women married a Mexican guy makes from this city their home.

Find more info on her webpage
IG: @sararichardsonphoto
Mexico Cell: (011 52) 624.165.0078
Mexico Office: (011 52) 624.172.6048

3 – Ximena Zermeño Photography

Wow, this girl is the bomb! Style, trends, and blogger define Ximena. An entrepreneur who makes her hobby the way to live without stop enjoying life. Ximena does an excellent job, she is flexible and super kind, you will love her energy and will love to have her on your day.

Find more info on her webpage
IG: @ximenazermeno
(+521) 55.2095.4928

4 – Fabi Rosas Wedding Photographer

If you want to have spectacular photos from the dancefloor, this girl defined her style on this. Fabi is like the ghost photographer, so dance, smile, have fun and she will take the perfect shot from you and all your guests.

Find more info on her webpage
IG: @fabi_rosas_photographer
(+52) 624.593.8060

5 – Gonzalo Verdeja Photographer

Gonzalo has an elegant style, I always recommend him for my bling – bling weddings, he will know how to catch up the shot to from the fashion side. He will tell you just a little bit how to do it, and then will take it from the luxury couples the most glamorous side.

Find more info on his webpage
IG: @loscabosphotographer
(+52) 624.137.4427

6 – Maria Lopez Photo

A Spanish girl lost in Mexico, Maria is the prettiest photographer you could ever have, her energy and the peace of her vibe make from her photos and her retouch work one of my favorites.

Find more info on her webpage
IG: @marialopezphoto
(+52) 984.145.7332

7 – Daniela Ortiz Photo

If you are looking for the romantic side of your wedding, Daniela will do the perfect job. Dani is a professional wedding photographer who is also interested in your wedding history, your vibe, and your likes. I love how she is interested in her couples always. If you are someone who feels needs to be connected with the person who will capture your day, she is the who.

Find more info on her webpage
IG: @danielaortizphoto
(+52) 624.174.4409

8 – Daniel Jireh Photographer

I love how Daniel is always arriving with his entourage of photographers, they are like soldiers ready to shot the best moments. All of them trained by Daniel, so he guides all the team and together has enough professional eyes and cameras to capture the bests moments. I recommend his team for my big weddings or those weddings where the venue has different spots far each from the other.

Find more info on his webpage
IG: @danieljireh
(+521) 624.158.2208

9 – LA76 Wedding Photographer

Slovenia gives us this awesome, professional, and fantastic photographer. In my opinion, Romana is an artist who translates her art to the camera. You will find with her those shots that regularly you don’t see with others.

Find more info on their webpage
IG: @la76photography

10 – Los Ebano

They are combining the trends in wedding photography and their awesome taste to retouch. Karla and Jose have found their minimalistic style and give us this wonderful option for our brides. So if you are a minimalistic bride and want to have clean photos, they are your guys.

Find more info on their webpage
IG: @losebano

If you want us to guide you more in deep in your decision, don’t doubt to contact us and ask for it. We will be more than happy to help you with this important vendor selection.

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