Coronavirus COVID-19 Situation for Los Cabos Weddings


If you are getting married in Los Cabos in the next months, especially April or May, you may be concern about how the weddings are going on now with the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation.

What is the situation in Los Cabos about Coronavirus?

Today March 19, 2020, there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Los Cabos, we have 5 suspects in the whole Baja California Sur state. I want to share this link where you can be updated in real-time of Coronavirus

Are the weddings canceled in Los Cabos due to Coronavirus?

I know how stressful wedding planning can be, and this certainly doesn’t help! But if you are one of those couples I recommend you contact right away with your wedding planner. In my personal experience as a local wedding planner in Los Cabos, all our vendors and venues are reacting in the best way, giving the option to change the dates without penalties, all these according to availability of course. But this helps a lot to our couples.

There is no reason to cancel your wedding, we truly believe that this is a temporal situation and we will be out of it soon. So, talk with your wedding planner and ask her to reach out with the vendors and venue, check new dates and choose the best for you, your guests, vendors and the wedding venue.

How to keep planning in the middle of Coronavirus?

Firtsatall, don’t panic and follow the recommendations. Stay updated on the latest information from the CDC and local state authorities; act responsible by avoiding travel to outbreak hotspots; practicing online meetings instead of in-person; swapping hugs for a friendly wave, and last but not least; practicing good hand hygiene.

Stay home and work on these wedding things you didn’t have time to check before, ask your planner the tasks which could take more time, maybe you can start with the guest’s assignments or the list of songs.

What to do if you didn’t hire a wedding planner?

If you are a bride who decides to plan her own wedding, you may have a lot of questions and concerns about how to handle this situation with your vendors and venue. Follow these steps to get

  1. If you are having a Destination Wedding, you may need to check with your travel agent the best months to take in mind to reschedule flights and hotel stays.
  2. Call to the Wedding Venue and ask directly what are the options they can give you. The most reasonable way is to reschedule the wedding. So you will need those available dates they have.
  3. Call your vendors and ask how they are handled with their other couples.
  4. Now take a desition, select the new wedding date. If you will change the date take the one that will be better for your guests and their economy.
  5. Confirm the new date with the Wedding venue and your vendors.
  6. Let your guests know.

Inform Your Guests

I suggest you as number 1 thing is to put on your wedding website or send something like this so your guests don’t get inundated you with questions. Your guests will (if they have not already) start asking if your wedding is proceeding as normal.

Update Your Website

In order to avoid many conversations about this, I suggest you put on your website a statement such as this:

It hurts my soul to have to write this as I know that many have bought their flights and booked hotels and that they have made a huge effort to come and celebrate this special moment with us.
We care and love all the people attending our wedding, and we wan to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, we dont want to take a risk on your health and we really do not want to spend that important day without you.
In lieu of the situation, we’re changing our date so we can celebrate safely
Please mark your calendars with our new wedding date. We’re excited and can’t wait to celebrate

More info?

If you need more information about how Los Cabos is handling all the COVID-19 situations with weddings and couples we can help you.

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