Cabos Wedding

Yes, this is me,
Los Cabos
Wedding Planner.
My name is
Pamela Roura
and I’m the girl in
the middle of these
two lovebirds

Cabo Wedding Planner

Los Cabos Wedding Planner Commitment

I am a girl who loves weddings more than anything. But not because I had been dreaming about my dreamed wedding since I was a child. My real love for this industry becomes from this feeling to help others make their dream come true.

Over the years, I learned that the industry of weddings is the most exquisite on the Event Business. As wedding planners, we take the investment of our clients and transform it into the ideal and perfect moment they have been imagined for long. It can call this as one of the most emotional expenses that one couple could do. Having said that, wedding planners must take the commitment to know how to read and understand their clients’ wishes event they don’t know exactly what they are clearly.

Cabos Wedding

I love Weddings, Cats, Practice Yoga and spend time Cooking at home

My background includes Event Catering and Corporate Event organizer in Mexico City. But I have no greater memory than the first wedding I planned and coordinated over nine years ago in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

A chain of facts brings me to move to Los Cabos, reopen, and rebrand my company. That is something I am very grateful for it to the Universe. This place has a magic essence (if you know Los Cabos, you maybe agree), and it involves me completely. Who knows, but I would love to spend the rest of my life in this city, I’m married to Los Cabos, and we have a very romantic relationship.

Cabos Wedding

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