How to start my Wedding Planning Checklist?


Congratulations, you just got engaged!

Now, the real work begins – starting the wedding planning process to create your dream day. We have been created this complete wedding planning checklist to help you.

Whether you’ve been dreaming about your picture-perfect wedding day since you were little, or couldn’t be bothered about color schemes and are just looking forward to marrying the person of your dreams…
Wedding planning can be a daunting task!

Especially if you’ve never been involved in any wedding planning before.
It can be tough to keep all the information straight, and even to decide where to start – that’s why we’ve set up the Wedding Planning Checklist to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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The Wedding Planning Checklist

1. The Planner:

An experienced Wedding Planner has likely made some really great vendor connections throughout their time in the industry and knows vendors who will fit your budget & your style, and provide excellent service.
When a Planner recommends a vendor that knows their stuff and will perform on game day, they know it not only makes the vendor look good but the planner as well. 
Relying on a planner to recommend the vendors they know has a consistent history of providing great service not only saves you time and effort but could also save you money. Many planners are able to negotiate prices or have agreements with vendors and that can lead to a great deal of cost savings for you in the long run.

2. Set a Budget:

If you’re thinking about how to plan a wedding planning checklist, remember one of the most important tasks is your wedding budget and how much you can afford to spend.
Sit down together and have an open discussion about your finances, how much you can both afford and how much you will be able to save over the coming months.
If you think that your parents may help pay for the wedding then it’s also helpful to talk to them early in your planning stages so you know exactly what they might be able to contribute. Not planning a wedding budget can lead to a lot of financial stress and disappointment later on in the process.

3. The venue:

Finding the perfect venue won’t matter if your guests aren’t able to get to the celebration! Is the venue easily accessible by driving or public transportation? For out of town guests, are there convenient accommodations like a partnered hotel nearby?
The location can also play a big part in your budget. Depending on where you host your special day, you might have to look into arranging shuttle transportation for you and your guests. If you’re considering a destination wedding, that might limit the number of guests that are able to attend.

“If you’re planning a modern wedding, look at art galleries, well-designed restaurant spaces, or warehouses. On the flip side, a wedding incorporating more natural elements works well with outdoor venues. Choosing a venue that fits in with (and enhances) your theme will enable your wedding to feel more connected to the space.”

Choose a Venue that Aligns with Your Vision

3A. The Catering:

The first thing you need to find out is whether the venue is full-service or not. Either way, some venues require extra vendors such as caterers or rental companies. Also consider the style of service – family-style, plated, buffet it is important.

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4. The Photographer & Videographer:

Your wedding photos and videos document your wedding day for eternity. For the rest of your lives, you will look back at the wedding album and remember your special day. Choosing a wedding photographer and videographer it is crucial.
There are so many photographers now offering wedding packages, its important to establish what kind of style you want.
I don’t need to say who is my favorite one right? just check the most of my photos in here and click on the next to discover Julieta Amezcua in Photo by Julieta.

5. The Florist and Design:

Before you start booking any rentals or decor, you’ll want to collect lots of wedding inspiration so you can narrow down the style of your big day.
There are so many sources of inspiration out there that can make everything a bit overwhelming, so choose one medium and stick with it.
You can’t beat Pinterest – it’s a great way to gather ideas and create boards for each aspect of your wedding. You can collect all of the table décor ideas you like and cakes that take your fancy, and you’ll be able to share your mood boards with your suppliers when the time comes!


These little beauties are the biggest influence in the ambiance and atmosphere of the wedding. They bring joy and elegance to every party and ceremony with their different colors, sizes, and formats.
When choosing your wedding flowers, many things need to be taken into accounts, such as season of the year, size of the venue, style of decoration and budget. It’s important to think about the flowers you like. Then, check if they are easily available at the time of the wedding and if they match with the style of ceremony and party you want. Read our article and avoid unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

Who’s the best in Cabo? Oh dear, you will love Pina, she is more than amazing in flowers design, taking a bunch of flowers will create real art.

6. Stationery:

Choosing your wedding stationery is one of the loveliest parts of planning your wedding.  It’s a chance to let your creativity flow, a time to express your unique personalities and set the tone for the big day.

7. Book the rest of your vendors:

Couples hired an average of thirteen vendors to create their wedding dream day. It is important to hire the right people to ensure that your big day runs smoothly. Your planner will guide you to her preferred vendor’s list according to your likes and the style of your wedding.

8. Tasting menu,

Whether your wedding venue is providing the catering or you’re using an outside vendor, most reliable caterers offer potential clients a wedding tasting. This will likely be your only opportunity to try the food you’ll be serving—from hors d’oeuvres and salads to main courses and desserts. The tasting has become increasingly important as couples are choosing to personalize everything, including signature cocktails and passed apps.

9. Guests list:

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create your final wedding guest list. Remember that if your parents are contributing financially to your big day, they’ll get a say in who’s invited. Be sure to keep your venue’s capacity in mind as well, and don’t invite more people than the space can handle. Even though you’ll likely receive regrets from some guests, you don’t want to risk it.

Seating chart,

If you’re having 25 guests at a buffet, you may or may not want to give people specific seating assignments. But if you’re having 75 guests or more and serving a seated meal, you’ll want to make sure everyone’s got a specific place to sit. Why? For one, people like to know where they’re sitting—and that you took the time to choose where they should sit, and with whom. It’s also helpful if you’re serving several different entrée choices, because the caterer can figure out beforehand how many chickens, beef and vegetarian dishes a given table gets, because they know who’s sitting there.

10. Final Meeting with your planner:

Have a final meeting to go over any final details and placement of wedding items to be set-up on the wedding day. Give everything to your planner’s hand, review the wedding planning checklist for a last time and enjoy your wedding. Enjoy every minute of your special day!

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