What are the Wedding Party roles at the wedding?


Squad, the bride tribe, the entourage, whatever you choose to call them, each member plays a significant task. What is the wedding party roles of each one?

Behind every great wedding is a dedicated group of people working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. They don’t get paid, it’s not their day job, and they do it purely out of love, excitement and support for the happy couple. Let’s talk about Wedding Party roles.

The wedding squad, the bride tribe, the entourage – whatever you choose to call them, each member of your wedding party plays a significant role in both the lead up to your day and the running of the day itself. So it’s important to acknowledge the different roles they are going to play throughout the whole experience.

As a newly engaged bride-to-be, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole concept of bringing your wedding to life. Not only is there months (sometimes even years!) of pre-planning and preparation required, you then have to think about how everything is going to unfold on the big day, too. This is where your wedding party steps in!

The roles and responsibilities of your wedding party don’t just begin when they walk down the aisle at your ceremony. Don’t forget that the members of your wedding party are probably nearly as excited as you about the big day, and they genuinely want to help you through the process!

With that said, how do you know exactly what each member of your wedding party is responsible for, and what tasks should be on their to-do list? There are some generally accepted guidelines when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of your wedding party, so check out our comprehensive guide below to clear up any confusion.


Your bridesmaids will play a huge part in the preparation and planning of your big day! They’ll become your sounding board for much-needed advice, along with helping the maid of honor organize your pre-wedding celebrations. They’ll also be able to help you with any crafty tasks behind the scenes.

When choosing your bridesmaids, don’t forget you’ll be spending the morning of your wedding with them getting prepared for the big day. You’ll want to surround yourself with people that you can truly relax and have fun with, who can also keep you calm under pressure.

Maid of Honour

Your maid of honor (or matron of honor if she’s already married) will be your right-hand woman both before and during the big day.

The maid of honor will be in charge of delegating tasks to the other bridesmaids, organizing and hosting special events like your hens party, and attending dress fittings and other important milestones with you. She’ll also be the go-to contact on the day for any emergency issues that might arise.

Your chosen maid or matron of honor should, therefore, be supportive, organized and responsible. She should also be somebody that you trust completely and who knows you better than anyone else!

Best Man

The best man will be your groom’s number one sidekick in the lead up to the wedding day. He’s essentially the male version of your maid of honor, somebody to manage the groomsmen, organize and host any special events, and make a toast on the night itself.

The best man will need to be confident and reliable in order to take these responsibilities on board. He should also be somebody that keeps cool under pressure and can take control of group situations.


Your groomsmen will be there to support the groom in any way possible and complete any tasks delegated to them by the best man.

Along with putting their hand up to assist with any pre-wedding duties, they’ll also greet and mingle with guests on the day by welcoming them to the ceremony. Your chosen groomsmen should, therefore, be dependable, charming and charismatic!

With so much behind-the-scenes organization and commitment required from each member of your wedding party, you can see why choosing the right people for the job becomes so important!

Flowergirls and pageboys

These roles are usually filled by small family children such as nieces or cousins, or the bride and groom’s children if they have any. Although they might have duties such as scattering petals or holding the rings, they are mostly there for the cute factor, as we all know young children can be a bit unpredictable! They might feel too shy to walk down the aisle for example, or even throw a tantrum during the ceremony. If you’re worried, try and do a rehearsal before the big day so they know what they’re doing, or abandon tradition and opt for older flower girls.

What are the roles of the Parents at the Wedding Party?

Mother of the bride

Often, the mother of the bride (or MOB) is very hands-on in the planning of the wedding, accompanying you to choose your dress, helping with your ‘something borrowed’ and ‘something old’ and working with you to put together the guest list. Traditionally, the bride’s parents would be responsible for funding the wedding too, but nowadays that’s not always the case! On the day, she will usually travel with the bridesmaids to the ceremony venue and stand in the receiving line to greet guests at the reception. She will act as general support to you throughout the whole planning process and on the day itself – just what mums do best!

Mother of the groom

The mother of the groom (or, you guessed it, the MOG) can take as much of an active role in your wedding as you like. Whether that’s within the planning process or on the day itself.  As the MOB, she’ll take her place in the receiving line at the reception, and help with the guest list if you like. You may want to do a mother-son dance, too, if you are planning a special dance with your father.