When are the hotels will open in Los Cabos after the Pandemic?


Mexico is now is stage three from the pandemic of Coronavirus, so there is not too much to do than wait till the end of May, but When exactly the hotels will be open in Los Cabos?
As wedding planners we need to be totally informed, we have clients which their weddings need to be postponed so everyone is anxious to have the right information.

The organization that is in charge of all the hotels and the tourist market in Cabo is FITURCA (Fideicomiso de Turismo de Los Cabos) and they have been said that by June 1st, 2020 all the hotels will be open.

Well, let’s see how is everything going, a month ago it supposed we will be back by the beginning of May and it’s been said that the most important thing is to be safe right now. So, I will not trust that it will happen with a totally certain.

We are still planning weddings with our brides for July, so let’s cross fingers and hope those will be the first wedding after this not too great season.

Stay safe.