The Best All-Inclusive Hotels in Los Cabos| Los Cabos Wedding Planning Packages in All Inclusive Hotels


You got engaged! Yay! Congratulations!! and now you are choosing Los Cabos Wedding Planning Package All Inclusive options, but there is tons of information on google, right?. You probably hear about terrific histories about weddings in all-Inclusives and others totally different. The truth is, you need to be very careful when you are choosing this type of venue, if you take the wrong desition now, it can affect your whole wedding. It is why we wanted to share our favorite options for Los Cabos Wedding Packages All Inclusive hotels with you. It will make a huge difference if you reduce your list to this.

The list is doing based on our experience, we are taking into consideration the most important details your need to take in mind when you choose an All-Inclusive hotel as your wedding venue.

*The order of this list is not applicable of our preferences order

1.- Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

Only adults hotel is the perfect spot for those who want to spend the best wedding weekend with their family and friends in an exclusive place. And no kids on the pool Yay.

2.- Pueblo Bonito Sunset

One thing that I love from this hotel is that even it is a huge hotel, you can get the most delicious food in any of their restaurants. And oh man! you need to see the Skypool Terrace, my favorite from this place for weddings.

3.- Breathless Resort

We recommend this hotel for those weddings where the couple loves the party. Because this hotel is everything about it! They have the greatest FOAM PARTY in Cabo each Saturday, but my favorite thing about this hotel is that they are not scarifying the quality of drinks or food because they have only gold brands available on their drinks menu that for me is one of the most important things.
And definitely I can’t pass the more important thing, Location, location, location! Yes, they are just in front of this wonderful rock that is the badge of Cabo, The Arch!

4.- Villa del Arco

Literally, there is no other better option with the Arch’s View, a Familiar Hotel, and All-Inclusive rates. Please don’t lookout another one than this one, because I can promise you will not find a better option in the area. I’m not saying there are not more, but I’m telling you that this is my only recommendation with these characteristics, I can’t be more direct.

5.- Grand Fiesta Americana

This is another level of all-inclusive, an Adult pool, a Club which closes at 2:00 am (I love this, you need to try it), an amazing Spa, and the best Villa All-Inclusive I have ever seen in my life is in Grand Fiesta Americana.

6.- Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort

I love the spot they have specially designed for Ceremony Weddings. There are no words for this beautiful gazebo. And another great thing is the privacy, this space is totally apart of where the main pools are, so you will feel this harmony of being in a private area but you are still in the all-inclusive.

7.- Grand Velas Luxury All-Inclusive

I will include this on the list just because they a calling themselves All-Inclusive hotel, but let me tell you that this, not the all-inclusive you have on your mind. Grand Velas has the service of a European Plan hotel with Five Starts quality. There is no other like this hotel, it is why is our highest recommendation when our clients ask for all the luxury they can get, without any worry about nothing, as they are all-inclusive the guests only need to pay the rate and they have everything in there in the luxury flavor. Another point to consider, Grand Velas is on the category of Expensive All-Inclusive Hotels

8.- Paradisus Los Cabos

A lovely hotel, with wonderful views from different restaurants. But I will highly recommend this hotel only to these couples who want a Beach Wedding ON THE SAND, we have plenty of space and only one more additional option in a restaurant, so for small weddings, this is the perfect place.

If you want us to guide you more in deep in your decision, don’t doubt to contact us and ask for it. We will be more than happy to help you with this important venue selection.