7 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas For Cabo Weddings


Are you following traditions on your wedding day? Or breaking the traditional wedding day standards? While it is great to follow some wedding day traditions, like the standard dances as an example, it can be fun to add some non-traditional wedding elements to wow your guests and make your wedding day even more memorable for you, too. Therefore, if you’re looking for some non-traditional wedding ideas to incorporate into your destination wedding in Cabo, here is some inspiration from Look At Me Brides!

1. Give your guests a wedding favor or gift with a Mexican twist

While it might be traditional to give your destination wedding guests a favor/gift, have you thought about putting a Mexican twist on it?! Your wedding favor could even be part of your wedding reception table setting or ceremony décor. Some of our favorites include authentic items from Cabo like hand blown glass or custom monogrammed maracas. By working with Look At Me Brides, we can help you plan, design, and find the perfect, non-traditional wedding favors/gifts for your family and friends.

2. Provide your guests with wedding welcome bags/boxes 

Since your guests are traveling to Cabo for your wedding, it is very thoughtful to have welcome bags or welcome gift boxes waiting for them when they arrive! Look At Me Brides can help you coordinate your welcome bags/boxes from the design to what you want to include in them. Also, your resort in Cabo can have them ready at check-in or the resort’s cleaning staff can have them delivered to each guest’s room. You could even have them ready for your guests to grab at your wedding welcome party if you’re having one! While wedding welcome bags/boxes are becoming more popular, especially for Cabo destination weddings, we love this idea to make your family and friends feel special upon their arrival to Los Cabos. You can even incorporate an authentic Mexican favor/gift into your welcome bags/boxes, too!

3. Plan an additional excursion(s) for your guests

A fun thing about having a destination wedding in Los Cabos is that you can plan non-traditional things you may not do if you were having a wedding in your hometown. The Look At Me Brides team loves helping engaged couples turn their weddings into weekend/week long events. Since you’ll likely have your family and friends with you for multiple days in Cabo, we’d love to help you plan additional excursions for them!  Some of our favorite wedding week events include private yacht charters or beach bonfires. Find more details about additional excursions for your destination wedding guests here!

Another non-traditional wedding idea to consider is having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party celebration. Since you’ll have your wedding party together in Cabo, why not make one of your wedding week activities a fun evening of celebrating with your bridesmaids & groomsmen?! We’re happy to recommend our favorite spots for a night out with your “I do” crew as part of our wedding planning packages.

4. Plan your rehearsal dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant

We all know that rehearsal dinners are traditional before the wedding, but it may not be traditional to have one at a Mexican restaurant. However, since you decided to get married in Cabo San Lucas, why not have your non-traditional wedding rehearsal dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant?! Read about one of our favorite rehearsal dinner locations, Los Tres Gallos, here.

5. Have live music during your wedding ceremony/cocktail hour

Having live music during your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and/or reception adds a nice touch to your wedding celebration. It’s most traditional to have a wedding DJ or band perform during your wedding, but why not do something non-traditional and have a different type of live music on your wedding day? We love helping our couples incorporate an authentic mariachi band into their wedding day since it provides an amazing experience for everyone!

6. Have a memorable moment like cold sparks after your first dance or a fireworks show

Having a memorable moment during your wedding reception is a non-traditional wedding idea we love. You could have cold sparks go off after your first dance, or even a fireworks show for your wedding guests. If wedding day photos are important to you, we highly recommend a high impact moment like this (isn’t the photo below amazing?)! It makes for a great memory for your destination wedding guests to have, too.

7. Get married on a weekday

Since you’re getting married in Cabo San Lucas, you don’t necessarily have to get married on a Saturday like most traditional weddings. You and your wedding guests will likely make a long weekend or a week-long event out of your destination wedding, so you can be non-traditional and get married any day of the week! The saying in Cabo is “no bad days” so choose a wedding date that is meaningful for you and your significant other and go for it! However, we do not recommend Cabo weddings in August or September due to weather. We want to help you plan the perfect wedding so we recommend that our couples have their weddings from October to May/June!

The End!

If you’d like to incorporate any of these non-traditional wedding ideas into your Cabo wedding, the Look At Me Brides team would be honored to help! You can contact us here to discuss the best wedding planning package for your needs! 

WRITTEN BY: Kelsey Kitchen Was | @kitchensinkit | Rich & Kitch